Hello world!

Everyone’s an Editor

 If you read, you’re an editor. You may not consider your editorial skills as you scan the printed word, but you make critical observations every time you do it. For example, consider the title of this piece. Is “everyone” a better word than “everybody” when you first read it? Both words are pronouns and both words mean the same thing. By definition, both words mean “every person” but every reader has a preference for usage that is usually linked to their spoken language.

 As we read we make constant criticisms and observations, consciously or unconsciously, about what we are reading, I, for example, have little tolerance for misspellings. Often, when I encounter a misspelling in a magazine or newspaper article will mutter vague imprecations about the copy editor and whether he or she should be fired. And, when I receive an email with misspellings in it I am often tempted to politely suggest that the sender learn to use the spell checker that is a feature of every word processing program.

 What I offer for readers of this website is a book that I have written that has been edited by two skilled and renowned newspaper editors prior to its submission to numerous literary agents and publishers, all of whom showed absolutely no interest in either representing it or publishing it. At best, the little reaction I received indicated that it didn’t fit a specific genre and they declined the opportunity to pursue it.

 By way of characterization, the book is a humorous (well, I think it’s humorous) look at the subject of unemployment. And, rather than allowing it to neatly fit into the “how to” or “self help” categories, it can best be described as a “how not to” volume on approaching and engaging sudden loss of employment. I propose to offer a chapter or two on a weekly basis and allow the readers to offer editorial comment to see if the plethora of literary agents and publishers who rejected it were right, or wrong.

 I’d really enjoy having everyone (or is it everybody?) comment on this project and see if we can decide what to do with it.


4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Well, nice job Rick Dapp. Is there a way you can move the Hello world to the top so it shows first before your “keep Turning Right” entry?
    I think you should start to market this to linked, Facebook, etc. Before you know it you will be tweeting!

    • Dearest Tris, since this is a new venture I need to work with my webmaster to figure out how to hold the initial post at the top of the page. And, you are right in your suggestions regarding my social media strategy. Who knows, this may lead to something big!

      • Dear Em,
        Thanks for the vote of confidence! I’m working with Hank to iron out the kinks but it looks like I’ll finally have a way of getting the written word in front of someone other than myself…

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